Not Really New Years in Central Park

So I have resolutions – just maybe at the wrong time. The weather is brightening up after a weird winter. It’s about 60 degrees or less around the Park. I’ve been going every day this week in attempts to jog as I used to in my younger years. Instead I only make 1/2 lap, walk the rest of the way and wander off into the rambles of the park or downtown to sit an people watch.

Coincidentally today is St. Patrick’s Day. I always love to see the freckles and smiles. I’m a little emotional as I’m leaving the USA in two weeks probably for the rest of my life. I’m full of paint from returning my studio to its original color. I’m depressed from the job hunt. And I’m drinking alone on St. Pat’s to save money. $$ London here I come!

I drink wine. Too much wine. Like over a bottle a night. It’s fattening. Five years ago I was 35 lbs. less weight. Everyone is blaming the wine (my doctor), although this is partially true I am equating most of the weight gain and metabolism changes due to my change in diet. I had been a vegetarian for about 5 years, then turned pescatarian and later back to carnivore. During the veggie and even fishy years I was trim and fit all my clothes.I spent some time in the UK where meat is the main dish. I blew up outgrowing very expensive suits that I love so much. I lost too much money to talk about in fashion from a carnivorous diet. Well I broke out the grilled veggies and tofu and that’s about it! It’s my St. Patrick’s day resolution – if that’s a custom yet IDK.

Anyway Central Park reservoir (Jackie O) is the best jogging spot in the city in my opinion. Sunrise there is magnificent. I always enjoy the fresh air in the park. I need it – especially after the Carbon Monoxide poisoning the Fire Department warned me of in my flat. (The gas pipes were old). I was being poisoned by the gas until they kicked my door in for testing while I was at work – feeling groggy as hell. F**cj

Here’s a few snaps of Central Park reservoir and my quick visit to the St. Patrick’s Day parade. I was at the end of the parade around 80th St and Central Park East. Bill Di Blasio walked by for a tet-a-tet with some photographers. I would have photographed him, although I could only get a photo of the back of his head. DAMN!

Some photos of my “jog” around the Jackie O reservoir and the Irish Wolfdogs / Soldiers at the St Patrick’s Day Parade.

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