Regent’s Park: The English Gardens Bloom

It is the middle of June, yet the flowers are just buds. At least the roses anyway. Some had come out of hiding – mostly lilac, lavender and daisies. You can smell the grass just wondering around the garden. Sometimes you catch a floral aroma near the manicured gardens. This is part one of Regent’s Park’s English Gardens before bloom.

The pollen is supreme. I’m sneezing and sniffling as if I had a cold. I’m not in the least bit sick though. I did get really close to a few flowers as I watched how a honeybee worked. I used the zoom on my camera lens while hovering over the daisies. Regent’s Park, free as it may be, is still a true English Garden. I will accept donations to photograph other gardens, just email me… Please enjoy the collage.

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    June 27, 2013 (10:15 am)

    I love your pictures. Just beautiful!

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