The All-nighter in Temple Bar, Dublin

It’s wild that this whole neighbourhood is actually a bar. There are tons of fine establishments for whatever suits your tastes. I can’t count the many pubs that I would recommend. I stayed in Blooms Hotel home of the VAT house traditional Irish Pub. It was great because I could stop in for a pint on my way in or out of the hotel. The Octagon Bar owned by Bono and the Edge is another popular boozer. The Temple Bar is not only the name of a neighbourhood, but also a specific bar. They have live music, several bars, and an outdoor smoking area. This place gets packed with tourists. I was crammed into this place so hard that when I went to the bar to order two pints, I lost my friend and could not find my way back through the crowded maze. It took some time, but eventually we caught up with a half empty pint, and a warm one. The craic is mighty as they say, with most people eager to strike up conversation.

The gay bars are really friendly too. I found that I had to eye where to order a drink at the bar, because the person next to you would start talking so much that you can’t get out. It was a bit fun, eyeing the bar for friendly faces I would want to talk to before ordering. I like the Dragon, as well as The George. Both are bars, with nightclubs in the back. The George tends to have an older clientele before the club opens. On the West End of Dame Street in Temple Bar is where most of the gay pubs are.

I like the shopping on Grafton Street in Dublin, the morning after with a hangover. So drunk I forgot to pay for the coffee at the espresso bar. I found some specialty shops and luxury boutiques, but the real gems were in Brown Thomas. I discovered one of my favourite brands Humor there. I also found a funky Jeans company Mish Mash somewhere along the way. The Grafton Street area is my favourite part of Dublin. I have memories of sitting outside enjoying a crepe while people watching. If you get a chance to visit be sure to stop in for some home-cooked Vegetarian food at Cornucopia on Wicklow Street. Another one of my favourite morning after joints is the good old Elephant & Castle. This place has a location in Manhattan that I frequent. There is also a spot near the National Bank where all of the skater kids hang out at. They are pretty to fun to watch, especially when some of the goth kids are out.

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