About Last Night…

Ok, it’s true… I’m a label whore. I spent three hours walking around the Bond Street area in London looking at the window displays. It was very refreshing to get out of the house and get some nice British air. The streets were surprisingly empty around Bond St. There were only a few older wealthy-looking couples who were also out for a stroll while enjoying the window displays. Everyone else is in the pubs, partying hard for Bank Holiday. I find this window pretty fun, although I have never heard of PrettyBallerinas.com.

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Spring trends to watch out for. Miu Miu is working vibrantly coloured striped platform sandals, as well as pastel solid colour sun dresses. I’m seeing simple tunics paired with fabulous sandals and accessories. I think Miu Miu and Christian Dior outdid the rest this season, but I really enjoyed all of the windows. Ralph Lauren did a wonderful Barn Dance theme for their boys and girls clothes – complete with plaid flannel shirts, cowboy boots and country western wear. Louis Vuitton’s use of colour juxtaposed in stripes and checkered patterns really made spring flowers seem nearby. The windows themselves had backdrops of green grass, daffodil, and pink carnation coloured stripes in stark contrast the black and white picturing framing. It was a magnificent display. Even Church’s Footwear depicted two bland blue-grey coloured raincoats brightly accessorised by the same pink carnation and daffodil yellow coloured umbrellas. All of the loafers in the window were vibrantly coloured for Spring Season. Unfortunately, all of the jewellery from Rolex and Cartier was removed from the windows as a precaution to theft. Tiffany & Co. spectacularly composed two windows for the release of The Great Gatsby. One had strings of pearls draped over a tower of Champagne glasses in what appeared to look like overflowing bubbles. In the end, I went over to the Ritz, where I photographed the doormen. They were pretty talkative too!

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