Monet at The Bronx Botanical Gardens

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Somehow I felt like I was walking into a painting. The Monet show at the garden was based on his artwork. Their use of vivid pastel colors that blend together like camouflage are spectacular real-life versions of some of Monet’s best works. In the library, two actual Monet paintings are hanging on loan, with many other photographs and two movie exhibitions. The garden was brilliantly designed with a small pond and arced bridge. The climate was cool and refreshing with very pleasant floral aroma. Tickets were $25 but can be applied to a membership for the year with unlimited visits.

We spent about thirty minutes in the Monet Garden photographing every flower in site. It was overwhelming to try to get great shots of so many flowers. I still feel tranquilized from the day. The Botanical Gardens has another Monet exhibit this winter to represent his seasonal works. Truly I wish I could have brought some of those wonderful flowers home but the sign says no picking. There are over 250 acres with many different gardens, a forest, desert, conservatory and a greenhouse where horticulture is studied.

The journey had only just begun. We took the tram several stops around the park where hopped on and off to see different gardens and shows. The Rockefeller Rose Garden is in full bloom. Once again the floral bouquet entranced the garden into a complete aphrodisiac. There are hundreds of roses there some English, some from other places of the world. We photographed in the gazebo, enjoying a pleasant moment. The dramatic entranceway consisted of five feet high shrubs with majestic cement stairs that lead down to the garden itself. Walking into it was a prize in itself.

As I had been recovering from an appendectomy, I needed to walk as much as possible. The doctor told me to walk often until I couldn’t set another foot forward. We decided to take a trail through the forest. We spotted black squirrels, chipmunks and hard to find birds. The path was long, but well worth it. The forest is a little too big to cover in one day. There are streams, waterfalls, funghi, and many of the trees have history and are labeled. I read something that one of the trees was an original that spawned a whole slew of different trees. it was the first of its kind. I could have spent more time in the forest. If I wasn’t going to London this year to study I would have purchased a year membership. I would go every weekend if I could.

The rock garden was stunning as well. There were many types of mosses, flowers, and plants that grow around the rocks. Bumble bees galore! For some reason, the bees were not afraid of people and were busy minding their own business. Around here you can grab a seat on the lawn for a picnic or have lunch at the cafe. We opted for the cafe having a lite lunch and some tea.

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    theresa (mom)
    May 28, 2012 (8:56 pm)

    LOVED THIS……Even my picture……….I LOVE YOU !!! xoxoxo

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    May 28, 2012 (9:21 pm)

    Todd you are a talented writer!!!! Beautifully written and gorgeous pictures!!!!!! i found this very touching!! Well done….Love you!

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