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V&A Museum

There are short breaks between modules in the course studies at Hult. I had about two weeks to kill, so I visited a bunch of galleries and museums in London. The best exhibit was David Bowie Is at the V&A Museum. I originally went midweek, but was turned down when I tried to buy tickets for that afternoon. They told me the exhibit was sold out for days. I bought the ticket and returned Friday for the show. I really enjoyed getting to know Bowie. I love fashion don’t get me wrong, but being able to look at his notes where he wrote his lyrics was something special. It felt like I really was invited into his personal space.

David Bowie Is was really a large exhibit. I spent about two hours and did not get to see every detail. The audio guide does it’s best to narrate the life of Bowie, but what I most enjoyed was being able to listen to tracks along the way. There was so much memorabilia that I almost felt liked I missed out as I hadn’t been there. Bowie was really before my time. The best part was by far the notes, but in the last room were silkscreen walls with projectors displaying bowie in larger than life. What was most unique about this was that squares on the wall would fade out of projection, illuminating the wild outfits he wore to perform in. Many people were camped out here appreciating the show and the music. I would have stayed longer, but it was hard to get a seat amongst the die hard Bowie fans.

Tate Modern

It was a bit windy, but still a nice day for a walk. Along the Thames are many footpaths winding through corridors where there are restaurants, markets, Tower of London, and several other tourist attractions. I walked around North of the river, making my way South by London Bridge. I stopped to pick up a few pints of Heineken – they are best from the can after a long walk. I made it it to the Tate Modern when I decided to take a seat in the grass outside. There were a lot of people outside here picnicking, talking, and playing with the kids. One little girl had some heart shaped sun glasses on, and was playing hide and seek with her very cute adult brother. After a little while, I entered the gallery. It was nice to see some of the exhibits, but honestly the only thing on was Roy Lichtenstein: a Retrospective. There were some nice pieces, but nothing spectacular. Maybe it was the Heineken?

British Museum

The British Museum is really enjoyable if you have an interest in ancient history like I do. I noticed some of the hieroglyphics on the slab on the way in. I navigated around the museum from Egypt to Greece then Rome, and several other areas. I very much liked the Parthenon, as you can see above with the metopes, lapiths, centaurs, and the horse’s head from Selena the Moon Goddesses chariot. It says “Do Not Touch” but that is the best part. When no is looking I touch the cold stone. Maybe it will bring me luck someday. I don’t think I am even supposed to take photos, but no one stopped me.

The National Gallery

This was my second or third visit to the National Gallery. The other two times were many years earlier. This gallery is sectioned off by centuries. There are about 100 rooms that are spread out around different wings. The earlier stuff from 15-17th Century is not really my forte because it is so dramatic often depicting holy scenes from the Bible. I appreciate the landscapes in the earlier work. For example, I liked seeing what Naples and Venice looked like in the Fifteenth Century. If you start to look close enough, and have been to current cities like those, you can imagine them in their early times. It is really an experience.

I most enjoyed the 18th century stuff by Renoir and Monet. I really enjoy the colourful strokes that often make a masterpiece. It is either by series of millions of tiny strokes that make a landscape seem to be made of snow-flurries, or the Van-Gogh type with long and short strokes as in his Wheatfields. I can just stare at this stuff for hours non-stop. It is something I would make an effort to find.

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