Iceland for the Holidays!

Brrrrrr! Achoo! Drum roll please. Iceland over the Christmas/New Year Break! There was a blizzard, it was absolutely subzero weather, and we went for a facial while having a dip in the heated lagoon. It really is hot, but nevertheless, it is Iceland and it’s cold! After several skin treatments and mudpacks, my skin is glowing a pale white while feeling baby soft despite the winter cold. I would recommend visiting Iceland over the winter, if you are daring, like I am!

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There is a lot to see in Iceland. I have only been in the Southeast corridor. I would like to venture up north, and to Greenland, but that is a trip in itself. For now, I decided to stay in the “party” city of Reykjavik. I also opted to see the Blue Lagoon, and the Golden Circle. The Blue Lagoon was definitely something to talk about, although the Golden Circle was not as exciting. It did have magnificent icy cold waterfalls to gawk at. There are plenty of exploding geysers, volcanic rocks, breathtaking cliffs and tectonic fault lines to meander through. I enjoyed the Blue Lagoon most. They have a hotel there and Conde Nast traveler listed it is one of their best places to visit.

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The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

AS for the rest of the trip, it was packed with Icelandic cuisine (including poor old Rudolph), walks through Reykjavik, and even photography along the water. For great Icelandic cuisine, I recommend Laekjarbrekka ( This restaurant has great whale, authentic Icelandic meat soup (lamb), and all around good food. There was also a restaurant around the corner called “Lobster Shack” which somehow translates to Humarhusid Restaurant ( We thought it would be similar to what it advertised “Lobster Shack.” Doesn’t that sound like lots of lobster at a comfortable price? It was absolutely not a comfortable price. The food was exquisite, so I do not regret eating there. I recommend it highly, moreso than Laekjarbrekka, but be prepared to cough it up!

We stayed at the Hotel Klettur which was inexpensive yet very friendly and classy. The redheaded bellhop flirted with us on arrival late at night around midnight. I flirtatiously asked him to open my wine bottle at that point. He agreed while continuing to book my room. After two or three mistakenly dirty rooms, he politely upgraded us to a suite with a balcony, comfy chairs and a nice television. He was a cutie!
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