Growing Tomatoes on the Windowsill

It’s spring – almost summer. I need a garden. When I took this apartment it was because of it’s proximity to Central London and nothing more. I started noticing how so many Londoners garden on their windowsills. Tons of trays of Ivy and flowers dangling from second and third story buildings.

I have an enclosed area shared with one other neighbour. We are now friends after a bottle of wine and some great chat about our immense scheme to turn a small rooftop into a private garden with or without our Landlord’s permission. We’d just have to hop outside of my window into the private enclave we both share.

Aside from that, I started to plant some tomatoes, basil and garlic on the sill. This is what I’ve got so far. After 5 days I have three tomato sprouts of gorgeous heirloom roma style tomatoes. I cannot wait until the San Marzano tomatoes arrive. I have more seeds coming from Italy.

More herbs arrived.. And look at all that space for a rooftop garden!

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