Discovering Primrose Hill, London

Saturday afternoon was kind of cloudy, but cool and without rain. I live in Camden which borders on Primrose Hill. There are two giant Royal Parks entrances there: Primrose Hill Park and Regent’s Park. All I needed was to bring a bottle of champagne or something. Almost everyone there was having a drink (or a smoke), mostly cans of lager, but I noticed a few wine bottles. It is a really lovely view of London. I will most definitely get back here for a sip or two over the summer on a clear day.

I stayed on the hill for about two hours, with only my Samsung Galaxy and wi-fi. I took some photos as you can see. The grass is really green, thick and has a nice feel to it. It’s different than the NYC grass in Central Park, definitely because of the rainy climate. Everything is much greener over here. If I hadn’t been wearing trousers I would have stretched out on the grass. The neighbouring town, Primrose Hill, is a charming little hamlet. There was a nice pub on the corner with lots of fine gents drinking up. The pizza place looked like an oasis as there are so few in London. It was an authentic Italian type pizza place where you can only order a pie, no slices. Some of the restaurants were crowded, and the last time I ate nearby in a French Bistro, I was amazed by how cheap the bill was. In my opinion, dining in London City Centre is extremely overpriced.

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