Day & Night in Camden Town Market

I live footsteps away from Camden Town Market, where I often wander to for a little excitement. This past weekend I went out for a bit to shoot up some of my daytime adventures. I went up to the market to stop at my favourite Starbuck’s coffee, where they have an outdoor seating area with local live bands playing. It’s a great place to stop in the late afternoon over the weekend. Then I meandered over to the market, where I walked around the many shops looking at t-shirts, rings, and many types of beads. After working up an appetite, I stopped in the food court where dozens of small stalls sell anything from crepes to tacos and stir-fry. The streets around this area are packed all weekend long. My hair stylist Jack, from Camden Toni & Guy told me that the area was once really infested with drugs. Not like any trendy neighbourhood wasn’t at one time.

I spent about three hours walking around the neighbourhood. Cyberdog, Rave gear headquarters is inside the Camden Market – near the Stables. This place is so wild sometimes there is a queue to get in, with security monitoring how many people enter. There are go-go chics, live DJs, and glow in the dark rooms where the t-shirts have batteries to light up the punch line. They even have an adult section with some fun sex toys for ravers. I like their t-shirts, sweatshirts and some accessories, but wearing extra baggy jeans is so 1990. I love the glow-in-the dark underwear though.

There are two bars in this neighbourhood – one is called the Black Cap and the other is the Red Cap (now called The World’s End). It’s pretty strange but one is straight and the other is gay. Anyone can go to to either of them, but there are drag performances at the Black Cap, and Rock-n-Roll Djs at the Red Cap. I like the Red Cap best, but the Black Cap has great Brunch.

At night, it can get a bit rowdy. Even just passing through on the way home from the pub, Camden Town is loud, drunk and dirty – with trash all over the streets. People are outside singing for money with their guitars, girls are smashed – sometimes puking on the side of the road, and the boys are standing outside the pubs getting their swerve on. It can be a site to see. I like walking around here sometimes at night to check out the colourful people. This neighbourhood was once the coolest neighbourhood around, full of punk-rockers. But Punk pretty much keeled over, and hipsters took over the Shoreditch area in the East End. Still though, you can see the ageing punks from the 80’s nodding out on heroin trying to make a few bucks to get their next fix. Here are some photos from a night near last Christmas when I was out walking around.

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