Capri, Italy

Capri Italy, Todd Hanlon with Brian Asby, Bright Ideas Design, Il Faraglioni

In the Summer of 2010, Brian and I went backpacking in Europe. One of our destinations was Capri, Italy. We stayed on the island for a few nights which is actually long, because many people just come for an afternoon on the cruise ships. The island is not very large, but it is full of adventure. There are two sections: Capri and Anacapri. Capri is where the shopping is. There are also many great beaches there. The island has many great restaurants, especially around the Piazza where they serve some of the best Planter’s Punch I have ever had. Below are some photos from our exploration of Capri, Italy.


As I had been living in France earlier, we had to travel with all of the luggage on the train. The Eurails are overcrowded, with many thieves lurking. The city of Naples looked absolutely dangerous. We took the graffitied subway from Naples to Positano where we could catch the bus to Amalfi, and then later a hydrofoil to Capri. The graffiti was amazing, I must say. We stopped for rest along the way in many of the towns. I was worried the whole way that someone would steal our bags from the train, or try to rob us. We chose to stay at the Relais Maresca, right at the port into Capri, because we thought about having to carry all of our luggage.

Capri is worth going back to. I could say I would rather be in Capri than anywhere else that I have been to in Italy. Next time, I would stay in the Piazza area, near the center where it’s easier to get to most destinations. Last time we were at the water, near all of the ships, but there is not much else there. Although rather pretty, it is really just an entry port. The center of town is just a cable car ride away, up the hill onto the highest point of the island. There is much more to do in this area. They have so many boutiques here selling very expensive Italian Fashion. If I hadn’t been backpacking I would definitely have shopped a little more than I did. Also, the beaches are hard to get to. We spent hours walking to a destination when we should have taken a taxi or rented bicycles. We were budgeting though.

In the photos above, there are shots of the Blue Grotto. It is a cave that glows due to a reflection of the light that comes in from the entry area. We traveled to the Blue Grotto via motorboat, but had to go inside on a rowboat with a singing sailor. He yelled “Gimme the Money!” when it was time to tip. Also, there are photos of the Il Faraglioni a large rock that protrudes from the water. It is dramatically pretty when viewed from above way out into the trails on the Island. If you would like to see more photos from Capri, Italy visit: MobileMe

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