Bolongaro Trevor Says Free Love & Accessories

I am walking down the street to Spitalfields Market in the late afternoon, while talking on the phone when I noticed a Bolongaro Trevor store with a large sign outside that said, “Free Accessories, Free Clothes, & False Advertising!” I really couldn’t shop as I can not carry anything else back to NYC on the plane in three months. As I was talking, I felt the need to turn around and pop in to see what was the hype was all about. I hung up on my friend, and went over to photograph the front of the shop. The sales clerk instantly started talking to me as I was wearing these Bolongaro Trevor tacky pants. I went inside upon invite to an introduction of Stuart Trevor, the main designer of the store. He was there with his wife and partner Kait Bolongaro, as well as their handsome young son. Why else would an eleven year old be sitting there looking out the window? Stuart was very chatty and we talked about the brand and how it is very hard to get where I live in Manhattan. He acknowledged Any Old Iron, where I shop for Bolongaro Trevor in NYC. You can get it in the online store – just click the link in the last sentence. We took this photograph together before he gave me some awesome pins. They were no cheap buttons, but handcrafted bronze and metal. PS I’m having a bad hair day.

Sunday is my day off damn it. I have found lately that I always have some business to do seven days a week. It may only be a few hours, but it puts me in a pissed off mindset. I really need to take one or two days off and work harder on the other days. It is really nice to get outside and walk around. Often I can not get out of the studio because I have some paper to write, photographs to edit, or clients to deal with. Working while studying for an international accelerated MBA at Hult International Business School is really challenging. At first it was the complexity of the work that got to me. Now it is the amount of work that is getting to me. I am not one for authority, with problems when someone dictates things to me. Professors often think they can wise off and get away with it. Truth is, at this point, after all the money I have spent I guess they can. I need to finish my degrees, right? It is no wonder that so many college-dropouts go on to become celebrity DJs or rock stars. It is those really rebellious college professors that stick it to you…

It is still only 9 pm so I’m debating to go out for a nightcap. I’m not really sure because next weekend is Bank Holiday (that means Monday off). The Brits go crazy for this and there are party invites everywhere. The clubs stay open later with tons more people at them. I missed the last Bank Holiday weekend, but I will definitely make it to the next one. I really enjoy going to the saunas & steam rooms, then the salon, and out to the club afterward. I like hanging in boutiques, tattoo shops and places where I feel the fashion buzz. It gets me going at 8 in the morning when I have to get out of bed and get ready.

This Sunday, I went to Liverpool Street London, where there is a main train station. From there, I started to walk to Spitalfields Market, but I did not take many shots, because the stalls were closing. Only about a fourth were still open. I stopped into the Bolongaro Trevor store, that I had only read about but never gone in. From there, I took a walk down the rebellious Brick Lane. If there was a main cultural influence on this block, it would be Indian or Bangladeshi. There are tons of hipsters out drinking everything from virgin (ya right) Pina Coladas right out of the pineapple to Maker’s Mark in the street. The neighbourhood just looks drunk as there are tons of cups and beer cans all over the streets here. Someone said they lack in garbage cans, because that’s where the bombs go. So people just toss their junk to the curb where the street sweeper takes care of it the next day. I walked down Brick Lane passed one of my favourite shops Religion, but did not enter… I saw the really popular outdoor club Vibe – as it was packed with drinkers today. There were people outside performing, musicians, artists, and junk sales galore. Tons of hustlers on the block. It really gets dodgy there late at night. Have a look at the photos below:

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