Beat the Heat, Highgate Ponds London

Highgate Ponds, Hampstead Heath, Highgate Mens Ponds, Swimming London, Free Swimming London

Highgate Ponds, Hampstead Heath, Highgate Mens Ponds, Swimming London, Free Swimming London

The weather has been in the mid 20 degrees celsius the past few weeks. Hot, sticky and way humid. There aren’t too many options when it comes to local swimming pools. After some research, I found Hampstead Park. There’s a few different ponds there that crowds of people flock to in the midst of summer. People say they swim all year round in the ponds. They have a total of three: the mixed pond, the ladies pond, and the mens pond. I walked around the mixed area for a bit, before meandering over to the mens area. There were tons of blokes in quicksilver shorts and shades. It is also a gay-friendly pond, as I noticed many couples and the nude sun bathing area. The best part was the dock where they have a diving board. Dudes line up by the dozens to compete for the largest cannonball splash. I did not dive in, because I didn’t want to lose my earrings. The water is cool and refreshing, but there are signs everywhere to watch out for the blue algae. It’s poisonous if ingested, so don’t drink the water. The website says there is a manifestation of red crayfish that can bite so shorts are advised… That makes it all the more risky.

I brought some wine, and enjoyed a glass before hopping in. It was too hot to sunbathe. I’ve been enjoying the British weather – it’s always relatively cool, without too much intense heat. Everyone says in London the weather sucks. If you don’t mind a sprinkle of rain here and there, you’ll do just fine. It reminds me of the climate in San Francisco. You can find information on the ponds, or the Lido (unheated swimming pool) at City of London Swimming Website. The location is listed below:

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Not to be depressing, but the British don’t take well to heat as 760 people have died across the UK this summer from the heat. Just the other day a middle aged woman and her young son got onto the bus and she passed out. She was out cold for over 30 minutes before I decided to leave. It was about seven minutes before the bus driver acknowledged her. People were yelling at him to open the damn doors, but no response. How ignorant. I hope she is ok – that poor woman and was not one of the 760 dead. Her son would have trauma for the rest of his life. As well as that, some sharks have been spotted inland on the Atlantic water’s on the Eastern shores of the UK. It was so hot, the camera lens fogged up in my bag.

Hope you enjoy some photos from the day:

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