Alone in Barcelona

Catalonian Tapas… Cava around the clock… Dancing until eight if you can…

I had to do it. I just could’t afford it though. I had all the reasons in the world not to go. Everyone told me to stay home.

I thought to myself of all of the benefits. Mental health. Sexual health. Liberation. Culture. Depth. Higher Learning. Meet new people. Relaxation. Practice mi espanol. Thankfully, the receptionist at the hotel liked my hat, when we spoke in Spanish, and upgraded my room to a deluxe suite. The Cava was flowing all the time, with a private bar in my room, jacuzzi, as well as a gorgeous enclosed stained glass terrace overlooking the Eixample district in Barcelona.

It was only 48 hours of fun. I had little time to get used to being in Barcelona. Before I got to the hotel, I stopped at a bodega to pick up some cheap champagne, and chorizo. I got to the hotel unexpectedly awaiting a pleasant surprise. I was bumped up to a really nice suite, with a spectacular view. I stayed at the Hotel Axel, Barcelona. I usually just find the cheapest rooms on or some other website like This time I decided to get a room based on TimeOut Magazine or some other critics. What a good idea. It really makes a difference. For $20 more you are in the lap of luxury. I loved this hotel. The spa hit the spot. I had a jacuzzi in my suite that I could drink Champagne in, while I looked out the balcony windows over the streets of metropolitan Barcelona.

There are tons of gay clubs there. The city is extremely gay friendly. At night, there are gaggles of drag queens, cute circuit boys, daddy’s, and ravers parading around the street. It was like NYC in the 90s. The parties didn’t start until 2 AM. I was unprepared. I had dinner at 10 PM, like the others, with about a bottle or two of champagne, before it was around 1 AM. At that time, I was exhausted. The boys came into the hotel bar, where the famed Saturgayz party began. They invited me to catch the tour bus outside to go the party. This was around 1 AM, when I was completely smashed. They said the party lasted until tomorrow afternoon, and that the first bus back to the hotel was at 6 AM. I could not do it, but sometime, when I am all about the party I will go back to Barcelona. The boys were very cute, as well as really warm and friendly.

The only downside to a great party like this is the underworld. I was at one bar around the corner from my hotel. I jumped out of a cab, while deciding where to go for the night. I was looking in TimeOut, who did not publish the closing times of many venues. Some close at 10, while others just start at that time. Some of the clubs listed were closed. It was hard to navigate. Anyway, I was intoxicated when I landed at this club called Punto BCN which is an opener for the nightclub Arena. I did not know all this when I got there at 11. The bar was closing, and the bartender pitied me by pouring me a last drink. Two boys instantly came over to see me. They started talking about Black Vodka, which I tried with them. Someone saw my wallet with a knot of euro in it. I forgot to leave some cash home. After the round, I left debating whether or not to go back to the hotel. Two Czech guys flirtatiously came over to me. They invited me to Area to dance and have another drink. I started to walk with them, when they wanted to take a shady alley. One of the guys came on to me. I didn’t believe him. I thought they wanted to rob me. I was drunk, so I politely declined walking any more with them. Somehow in the ten minutes we were together they put their hands in my pockets, took my wallet out, removed my cash and put the wallet back. If they did not put the wallet back, I would have been stranded in Barcelona. The thieves are really bad. They worked fast, so fast I hadn’t a chance to realize it. I lost some money.

The hotel was beautiful. I definitely recommend Hotel Axel . They had a spa in the lower level, with jacuzzis and whirlpools to soothe every muscle. It was like Disney for sore feet. There was a steamroom, gigantic pool with jacuzzi jets, heated lounge chairs and many amenities. It was the most modern, comforting hotel I have been at in years. And I have been to many hotels.

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    February 8, 2013 (7:43 pm)

    mmm. that food looks amazing!

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