Corca Dhuibne & An Daingean, Ireland

La Brea! Agus conas a ta tu? Ta me go Maith. These words are a stubborn part of the Irish culture. Translated, I said “A lovely Day! And How are you? I am well.” Corca Dhuibne & An Daingean (The Dingle Peninsula & Dingle Town) are one of the few places in Ireland that still use the Irish language. I took a course on Irish studies at NYU in 2010. This region in County Kerry on the South East tip of Ireland is a bit hard to get to. We had to travel by rent a car, over mountainous terrain, through pastures of sheep and cows, and even down dirt roads. It was well worth the trip!

The drive was probably the nicest part of the trip. It was like driving the Highway 101 but on the wrong side of the road. There were many nice towns a long the way, each friendlier than the last. We started looking at art while driving down to Dingle. I nibbled before I eventually bought a piece in Dingle at Irish Art Man.

The Hookers, Tomas O'Brien. Purchased by: Todd Hanlon
The Hookers by: Tomas O’Brien

On the drive down Connor Way there were so many sights that I wanted to pull over and photograph. The air there is so fresh I actually noticed the absence of smog. I’s not something you really notice until you visit a place like this. There was only one lane around the side of the mountain. I wonder how two cars would pass each other because there was a cliff on the side. Maybe it was a one way and there was another lane somewhere else for cars traveling the other way? At any rate, no cars had to pass us. We were pressed for time though because we took a wrong turn earlier in the day.

We arrived to Dingle Town, found on-street parking, and started to walk around. I was not in the mood for a pint, despite the plethora of fine establishments there. Instead, we opted for a pot of tea and some fish and chips. They were not so good, as we chose a small sandwich shop who was about to close from brunch. The sticky toffee pudding was absolutely delicious. We walked around for a few hours in the galleries. Brian bought his mother a bracelet and his sister some earrings. They were high quality from Brian de Staic.

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