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Tomato Gardening in London

Growing Tomatoes on the Windowsill

It's spring - almost summer. I need a garden. When I took this apartment it was because of it's proximity to Central London and nothing more. I started noticing how so many Londoners garden on their windowsills. Tons of trays of Ivy and flowers dangling from second and third story buildings.
Taryn Hanlon, Todd Hanlon,

Until next time Taryn Hanlon

I spent most of my adolescent years with this girl. We did crazy things as teenagers. We partied hard. We went to high school together. You know I love you ...
Todd Hanlon photographed by Salvadora Lorelli

Stoops of E. 87th Street

I'm going to miss you Manhattan. After 11 long, trying years I'm less than one week away from leaving this city.  My bags are packed. My tickets are ready. ...
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Not Really New Years in Central Park

So I have resolutions - just maybe at the wrong time. The weather is brightening up after a weird winter. It's about 60 degrees or less around the Park.
Scott, Taryn and Todd Hanlon

Happy 29th Birthday Scott

More food than anyone could possibly eat. Thanks Mike Brinkworth for the dry rub ribs. What a great barbecue. Click to see all the photographs.

Cheers to St. Patrick's Day 2014

Despite the hubbub I still went out for my yearly dose of infinite green, countless freckles, and charming red hair. The Central Park area was most happening with crowds of people drinking right out of the bottle as they watched the parade. It was a really friendly event, even the police were chatting it up. I noticed one cop talking to a bunch of (underage) kids who were drinking along the sidelines. He did not reprimand them for the alcohol. It was absolutely freezing cold, so I can't understand why several of them started taking off their shirts.
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Style Saturday

Ever not wanted to have another boring day? Just add a little optimism, some ingenuity and there you have it - no longer stuck at home. Spitalfield's Market ...
Highgate Ponds, Hampstead Heath, Highgate Mens Ponds, Swimming London, Free Swimming London

Beat the Heat, Highgate Ponds London

't too many options when it comes to local swimming pools. After some research, I found Hampstead Park. There's a few different ponds there that crowds of people flock to in the midst of summer. People say they swim all year round in the ponds. They have a total of three: the mixed pond, the ladies pond, and the mens pond.
Bastille Day London, South Bank

Party for the Bastille, Bankside London

There was a whole day of events from wine tastings to a food fair and small theatrical shows. The balloons were still there in the late evening as were the drinking crowd. There was live music and dancing until late. The cheese was amazing - trust I ate the whole piece while enjoying some red wine from Provence. I enjoyed the festivities although there was not as much French as I would have liked. I was hoping to eat some really good food, although most of what was there was global food stands. There was all types of stands that sold everything from sausage on a stick to hotdogs (the European kind) and thai coconut crepes as well as the many cheese and saucisson sec shops. Sorry I missed the snail race.
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Old Compton Street -20 years in

I'm no spring chicken. Been around the block and back. First trip to London in the 90's I got smashed, mugged, and robbed in the Old Compton area. Yet, I still ...
Binge watching Lost on Netflix

Lost (all 6 seasons)

The show just keeps getting creepier and creepier. The magnitude of details that emerge help transform the plot from surviving a plane crash to navigating time travel. It is totally unexpected as the writers weave the unexpected plot change into the script through so many working elements. Flashbacks, as well as flash aheads help unravel the mystery as it is time they are really lost in, not sea.
Regents Park, London

Regent's Park: The English Gardens Bloom

It is the middle of June, yet the flowers are just buds. At least the roses anyway. Some had come out of hiding - mostly lilac, lavender and daisies. You can smell the grass just wondering around the garden. Sometimes you catch a floral aroma near the manicured gardens. This is part one of Regent's Park's English Gardens before bloom.

The pollen is supreme. I'm sneezing and sniffling as if I had a cold. I'm not in the least bit sick though. I did get really close to a few flowers as I watched how a honeybee worked. I used the zoom on my camera lens while hovering over the daisies. Regent's Park, free as it may be, is still a true English Garden.

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Discovering Primrose Hill, London

Saturday afternoon was kind of cloudy, but cool and without rain. I live in Camden which borders on Primrose Hill. There are two giant Royal Parks entrances ...
Singing in the Rain, London, Todd Hanlon

About Last Night...

Ok, it's true... I'm a label whore. I spent three hours walking around the Bond Street area in London looking at the window displays. It was very refreshing to get out of the house and get some nice British air. The streets were surprisingly empty around Bond St. There were only a few older wealthy-looking couples who were also out for a stroll while enjoying the window displays. Everyone else is in the pubs, partying hard for Bank Holiday. I find this window pretty fun, although I have never heard of PrettyBallerinas.com.

Camden Market, London, Todd Hanlon

Day & Night in Camden Town Market

I live footsteps away from Camden Town Market, where I often wander to for a little excitement. This past weekend I went out for a bit to shoot up some of my daytime adventures. I went up to the market to stop at my favourite Starbuck's coffee, where they have an outdoor seating area with local live bands playing. It's a great place to stop in the late afternoon over the weekend.
Bolongaro Trevor Spitalfields Store

Bolongaro Trevor Says Free Love & Accessories

I am walking down the street to Spitalfields Market in the late afternoon, while talking on the phone when I noticed a Bolongaro Trevor store with a large sign outside that said, "Free Accessories, Free Clothes, & False Advertising!" I really couldn't shop as I can not carry anything else back to NYC on the plane in three months. As I was talking, I felt the need to turn around and pop in to see what was the hype was all about. I hung up on my friend, and went over to photograph the front of the shop. The sales clerk instantly started talking to me as I was wearing these Bolongaro Trevor tacky pants.
Elephant & Castle, Dublin Ireland

The All-nighter in Temple Bar, Dublin

It's wild that this whole neighbourhood is actually a bar. There are tons of fine establishments for whatever suits your tastes. I can't count the many pubs that I would recommend. I stayed in Blooms Hotel home of the VAT house traditional Irish Pub. It was great because I could stop in for a pint on my way in or out of the hotel. The Octagon Bar owned by Bono and the Edge is another popular boozer. The Temple Bar is not only the name of a neighbourhood, but also a specific bar. They have live music, several bars, and an outdoor smoking area. This place gets packed with tourists. I was crammed into this place so hard that when I went to the bar to order two pints, I lost my friend and could not find my way back through the crowded maze. It took some time, but eventually we caught up with a half empty pint, and a warm one. The craic is mighty as they say, with most people eager to strike up conversation.
Shakespeare and Company, Paris

Deconstructing Vivienne Westwood Ads at the Tipping Point

In the summer of 2010, in Paris France, I wrote a final thesis of 40 pages including high gloss colour images on fashion marketing — more specifically what makes a Westwood Ad tick. I was studying abroad from New York University at the American University of Paris. It was really difficult to get quality information on Vivienne Westwood Marketing. I bought several books, one from Shakespeare and Co. in Paris. Almost everything was in French, but the book Vivienne Westwood by Claire Wilcox. I was not finished with the paper by the time I was to leave Paris. So I continued writing while driving across Europe on the rails. I found a lot of research, and wrote a bulk of it while on the Italian Island of Capri, in the Mediterranean.
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The London Galleries

There are short breaks between modules in the course studies at Hult. I had about two weeks to kill, so I visited a bunch of galleries and museums in London. The best exhibit was David Bowie Is at the V&A Museum. I originally went midweek, but was turned down when I tried to buy tickets for that afternoon. They told me the exhibit was sold out for days. I bought the ticket and returned Friday for the show. I really enjoyed getting to know Bowie. I love fashion don't get me wrong, but being able to look at his notes where he wrote his lyrics was something special. It felt like I really was invited into his personal space.

Berlin Wall, Todd Hanlon

Surprise, Surprise! Berlin, Germany

Berlin by day is really no fun. Especially in the cold weather. Summer, I imagine beer gardens, German food and good times. This last visit to Berlin in March was good, despite the weather. I met with two friends who were coincidentally there. Berlin is huge, vastly spread out, and you need cabs or transportation to go from one place to another. It is like one gigantic suburban-type city. I spent close to six hours a day wandering around getting a bearing on my location.

There were many clubs and bars to choose from. I only had five days there, but wanted to get to about 10 clubs. The gay bars were fun, although it was snowing and they were empty two nights. I enjoyed walking around Schöneberg at night, despite the snow. It was very village-like with two or three streets lined with gay bars and cafes.

Todd Hanlon in the Museum District, Amsterdam for seeing the van Gogh show.

From Red Light to Southern Canal Belt, Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city in a world of it's own. Anything goes here, so if you do something out of the ordinary, you don't have to fear being arrested or frowned upon. The people are really friendly, most of whom all speak English. I found Amsterdam safer than many of the other cities that I have been through in the past few years.

Strolling around the Red Light was probably the most fun that I had on this trip to Amsterdam. It took hours to find, as TimeOut was not the best guide. It gave a general area, but no specific streets. The Red Light is really confined to a few main streets, in a general area full of coffee shops, drunken horny guys, and the smell of many varying strains of marijuana.

Barcelona, Todd Hanlon

Alone in Barcelona

Catalonian Tapas... Cava around the clock... Dancing until eight if you can...

I had to do it. I just could't afford it though. I had all the reasons in the world not to go. Everyone told me to stay home.

I thought to myself of all of the benefits. Mental health. Sexual health. Liberation. Culture. Depth. Higher Learning. Meet new people. Relaxation. Practice mi espanol. Thankfully, the receptionist at the hotel liked my hat, when we spoke in Spanish, and upgraded my room to a deluxe suite. The Cava was flowing all the time, with a private bar in my room, jacuzzi, as well as a gorgeous enclosed stained glass terrace overlooking the Eixample district in Barcelona.

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Christmas in Kew!

Hungover. Boyfriend Trouble. Days before Christmas. Of course, I am alone in the nicest park in London. It was around 11:30 AM when I arrived. There weren't many people there as the park was in off season. Santa Claus was there in a room full of toys, photographing with all the kids. I mostly enjoyed walking around the paths taking in the fresh air, the ageing conifers, pine trees, and even California redwoods. Have a look at some... Kew Gardens, Kew Christmas, Todd Hanlon, nwyrktodd, Bright Ideas Design, 808 Dinner Plate, Todd one, Todd 1, pine trees, conifers, Kew Gardens

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Bounced Czech!

So my last web design client dumped me because I was lacking in the .php. So now I am struggling with the bills, but that will be fine until I get home to NYC. I can live off my student loans and scholarship. I took a four day weekend to Prague recently, where I had the time of my life. I was very unhappy when I landed, during the bus ride to the hotel. It looked like a bunch of warehouses, with a starving economy. I was very disappointed, until I stumbled into what I think to be the city streets of my life.

Iceland, Blue Lagoon, Todd Hanlon

Iceland for the Holidays!

Brrrrrr! Achoo! Drum roll please. Iceland over the Christmas/New Year Break! There was a blizzard, it was absolutely subzero weather, and we went for a facial while having a dip in the heated lagoon. It really is hot, but nevertheless, it is Iceland and it's cold! After several skin treatments and mudpacks, my skin is glowing a pale white while feeling baby soft despite the winter cold. I would recommend visiting Iceland over the winter, if you are daring, like I am!

There is a lot to see in Iceland. I have only been in the Southeast corridor. I would like to venture up north, and to Greenland, but that is a trip in itself. For now, I decided to stay in the "party" city of Reykjavik. I also opted to see the Blue Lagoon, and the Golden Circle. The Blue Lagoon was definitely something to talk about, although the Golden Circle was not as exciting.

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Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, London

Just after New Year's in 2013, I took a stroll over to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard. There was a gigantic crowd full of rude tourists ...
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Jersey Shore: Pt. Pleasant

This year, I don't recommend the Jersey Shore. At least, I would stay far away from Pt. Pleasant. We drove down in a rental "car" which actually ...
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Monet at The Bronx Botanical Gardens

Somehow I felt like I was walking into a painting. The Monet show at the garden was based on his artwork. Their use of vivid pastel colors that blend together ...
Big Ben from the Tour Bus... by Todd Hanlon

London, England

In the Summer of 2010, I spent a few weeks traveling around the United Kingdom. London was one of the main destinations. I traveled in from the North of Ireland, ...
Museum in Cardiff Wales UK Todd Hanlon finds the deals!

Wales, UK

Tea with a princess... Jousts by the Castle... Chivalry and valiance... This is what a true vacation is made of. The real task at hand was how to squeeze it all ...
Todd Hanlon shopping in Harajuku, Japan

Harajuku, Japan

Sometime around the beginning of June when the weather is nice in Japan, we took a stroll around the streets of Tokyo, Japan style watching. Brian Asby and Todd ...

Corca Dhuibne & An Daingean, Ireland

La Brea! Agus conas a ta tu? Ta me go Maith. These words are a stubborn part of the Irish culture. Translated, I said "A lovely Day! And How are you? I am well." ...
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Capri, Italy

In the Summer of 2010, Brian and I went backpacking in Europe. One of our destinations was Capri, Italy. We stayed on the island for a few nights which is ...
Paget Parish, Bermuda Sunset, Todd Hanlon, Brian Asby

Paget Parish, Bermuda

The peak travel season in Bermuda ends in late October. The airfare is drastically reduced with most of the annoying tourists gone. What more could you want from ...